About Us

This website has been established to inform you about the plight of some of the world’s ethnic communities and religious minorities and call you to action.

After reviewing the material on this website, it is hoped that you will be moved to take action – to contact the different government bodies and NGOs in order, to bring these issues to the table at the different levels of decision making.

From time to time to have to involve public participation in order to get results and get things done.

Where this will be an online petition, a survey or a letter writing campaign requesting changes.

Public participation and request for action is paramount and a corner stone of all democracies.

Whether it will be a call of action for return for democracy in a certain part of the world, a call for International Action in cases of emergencies and civil participation as well as government participation civil engagement is paramount.

You will be called upon to support different types of Action your participation will be greatly appreciated.


To foster an international grassroots campaign with respect to the unfair and unjust treatment of ethnic communities and religious minorities in different parts of the world.

Take Action

This presents an opportunity to engage world leaders and NGO Organization in order to foster a means of voicing concerns to the leaders of the G20 countries to ensure that ethnic communities and religious minorities are treated fairly and justly.